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About us

Adwan Chemical Industries Co. Ltd. (ACIC) belongs to Adwan Group of companies established in 1991, a Riyadh based business group to produce industrial chemicals and minerals. ACIC activities based on the optimal use of two types of abundant natural resources in Saudi Arabia oil energy & high purity silica sand. The group bears the stamp of quality, integrity, and reliability in all its operations. ACIC is one of the leading manufacturers of inorganics chemicals and industrial minerals sector to cater to numerous industrial applications for domestic and export markets.

What sets us apart

Our company primarily invests in qualified technical competencies and cutting-edge technologies to produce high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers.


Our vision is to be the leading manufacturer and reliable supplier for our chemical products regionally and overseas.


Our mission is to utilize state-of -the Art Technology facilities to provide our customers with premium quality products meeting to international standards and efficient service and support.

CEO Message

Committed to quality and customer needs

A message to our valued customers

Customer satisfaction is our main goal, and this concept is firmly entrenched in the minds of all employees at Adwan at all levels. So, when Adwan Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. decided to invest in the field of marketing and manufacturing of chemical intermediates and industrial metals, which contribute significantly to increasing the added value of a wide range of industries such as detergents, water treatment, paints, metal foundry, ceramics, glass, oil service industry. Thus, Adwan was able to meet the needs of the local market, the markets of the Gulf countries and the markets of neighboring Arab countries of all the materials it produces, and it was also able to export reasonable quantities of its products to some countries of Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Africa and Europe.

Due to the importance of the human element, Adwan has made efforts and invested funds to attract and form a highly qualified team to achieve its ambitions and satisfy its customers.it has also provided job opportunities for qualified Saudi youth and contributed to the training of new graduates.

Since it is also one of the priorities of Adwan company to take care of the environment and the safety of the local community and its employees, the company has applied all international standards for Occupational Health and safety management systems and thus has been able to obtain environmental and safety certificates (ISO 14001-2015), as well as applied the Environmental Management System and obtained a certificate (ISO 14001-2015).

Adwan adopts documented business procedures to confirm that it supplies its products and services to you satisfactorily… As a natural result, Adwan has obtained the total quality certificate (ISO 9001: 2015), which clearly reflects the conscious policies applied for quality control in its comprehensive concept, starting from the procedures for purchasing raw materials through manufacturing procedures, product development and internal documentation, ending with the procedures for confirming the quality of finished products and ensuring customer satisfaction upon receipt of the final product.

With regard to the quality policy, the company has developed four basic principles to reach its goals, namely:

* Quality is at the top of the priority list.

* Full knowledge of customer needs and ensure that they are met.

* Creating an orientation among the company’s employees in improving the quality of products, developing them and maintaining this trend continuously.

* Achieving success through the fruitful growth of the company’s reputation among its customers in meeting their needs.

We are sure that when we keep these basic principles in mind, we will reach the goals we have set.

We are very proud that we deliver our products to you in record time, in the right place and in the required packaging. We also try to speed up the completion of our business transactions with you by dealing on the basis of mutual trust and through the best local and international banks, adding a skilled professional touch that enables us to form long-term relationships with you.

Thanks to your participation and support, Adwan has been able to build a good reputation for itself as an outstanding and reliable supplier of Inorganic Chemicals and industrial metals in a short period of time… This confirms the continuity in its work with its customers locally and in neighboring Arab countries, the Maghreb countries and other African, Asian and European countries. We are constantly looking for new areas and markets to expand our activities, especially in the markets of Southeast Asia and Europe.

Over the past four years, we have expanded horizontally by developing our capacity and doubling our production capacities to meet the growing demand for our products, and by adding new products to meet the market needs of these products. work is currently underway to implement other development steps to expand regionally to ensure that our products are available and affordable to all our customers at competitive prices,

Finally…We will always be glad and ready to receive your suggestions and ideas…So do not hesitate to notify us of any suggestion that may enable us to improve our services to you.

Raed Ahmed Almazrooa

Chief Executive Officer

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